the PIC Microcontroller

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JAL - Jet Another programming Language

Eine superleicht zu erlernende und sehr produktive Programmiersprache für PIC’s

  • Komfortable Programmierung durch Integration von
    Comfortable programming with integration of JAL and ULTRAEDIT

Wie nutzt man am besten die Kombination aus JAL und dem Editor ULTRAEDIT?/
How do I get the best out of editing JAL programms with ULTRAEDIT?


ULTRAEDIT can guide you through a JAL source with useful
information about the current edited JAL Programm


Copy the WORDFILE.TXT into your ULTRAEDIT’s directory to get the above functionality and further
(I created it using ULTRAEDIT 8.20a, download it here...).

If you wish to know deeper details look in the ULTRAEDIT help index for “WORDFILE.TXT”.


Hope you find it useful.

Marcel Wappler

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